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AI-Gen Folders

Feeling Overwhelmed with Too Much Data? 😫📈


🌪️ Chaotic Digital Workspace: Too Many Files, Tabs, and Chats


I’m so stressed. 10 different tasks. 20 docs, 100 tabs, 10 chats.


🤔 Is AI-Chat the Fix for Data Overload?


So, I started using chatbot for my files and browser. It is amazing! But something is missing!


🗃️ AI Chat Delivers Info, But Doesn’t Organize Work


I find information infinity times faster. But a chat cannot conceptualize the data.


🧠 Organization of Work- Key to Getting Stuff Done


I need structure and organization to make sense of work. I need to see past, current, and future work.


🧹 Proposal: Let AI Organize & Clean Your Digital Mess


I suck at organizing. But, I have time constraints at work. My brain cannot remember the rules for naming. I need an AI-Organizer.


📁 Files: Never Sort Files by Hand Again!


In 5 seconds, AI-generated a legitimate folder and file structure. And after done with each file, it gets routed to the right place. I find my file every time.


🌐 Tabs: Keep What’s Needed for Work and Toss the Rest!


My browser’s AI gets rid of unnecessary tabs. It also groups tabs, into topics and subtopics. I am never lost in my browser.


💬 Chat: Discover Awesome Idea from Gigantic Chat History


My history gets organized into relevant topics vs just a date. I can browse and understand takeaways from previous chats. Using chat doesn’t feel as temporary.


🤝 Combination of AI Org and Chat = Complete Any Task


Folder is for Organization. Chat is for Finding! The real productivity hack is using both at the same time.


🤖 Ask Chat Something, Then Reference AI Org


“Please find client’s twitter post about a horse with sunglasses.” Chat found it and referenced client’s ai-organized folder. Looking through the folder, remembered a few ideas I forgot to tell client. Called client and was wired an additional 25K.


🔍 Discover via AI Org, Then Execute in Chat


I was browsing through my folder and found 7 old ads I liked for new clients. “Can you please generate 5 new ads, based on these 7 old ones.” Sent them to new client. Signed deal.


🚫 AI Org is Pointless in Traditional Folders (Need our Tech)


I don’t use an auto-organizer, unless it has Filter Folder. Does any of these AI insights matter, if they are hidden behind a folder?


💸 Opportunity of Lifetime: Stand Out with Filter Folder


Please- integrate Filter Folder. I would pay money to use your app over your competitor!


#DataOverload #AIOrganization




Hey there, I'm Bryan, also known as Mr. Folder 📁


I created a 10x faster folder, compatible across desktop, AI, & VR interfaces.


I’m looking to integrate my 📁 tech with companies in the search, information, and file sectors.


If you know companies looking to enhance their user experience, please connect @BryanMulcrone 🤝


I'm open to licensing the technology or discussing acquisition and hiring opportunities.


To learn more, visit today 🚀